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Work With Former Assistant District Attorneys – Both of our founding partners are former N.Y. prosecutors – who understand how to handle a criminal defense trial – from every angle. Our unique experience as former prosecutors means we can give you the strongest possible legal defense. We have over 30 years of combined experienced, and understand how important your future is. Let us protect it for you.


Our Lawyers Make Regular Appearances On National Media Outlets Providing Legal Analysis – The fact the media turns to us, when it needs a professional opinion – is a sign of our legal insight, and understanding, of complex issues in the current criminal defense spotlight. If the media can trust to know the truth – so can you!


Risk Free Consultation – Regardless of where you are in White Plains, or Westchester County – contact us for a risk free consultation. There are NO strings attached. Speak to one of our White plains criminal defense attorneys today.

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White Plains Criminal Lawyers – Available 24/7

Our White Plains criminal defense law firms offers you a risk free consultation with a qualified, and competent attorney – when you call our law offices. Unlike other law firms – we don’t delegate you to paralegals, or assistants. As criminal defense attorneys, we help you tackle your problems head on – by speaking to you directly, without any of the nonsense. We encourage you to take advantage of our initial consultation, so we can understand your legal issues – and explain to you what the possible outcomes are! 

DWI – Are you accused of drinking and driving? We offer a risk free consultation for those in White Plains and Westchester county. Speak to our White Plains DUI/DWI lawyers today!

Drug Defense  – Are you involved in a drug related crime? Speak to one of our White Plains criminal defense lawyers today. We offer a risk free consultation. We’re available 24/7, and can help you when you’re in a pinch – and need a competent, and well renowned attorney.

Misdemeanors  – We offer a risk free consultation for all types of misdemeanors. Contact us today.

If you’re accused of committing a crime in White Plains, then you need our law firm. The Westchester criminal defense law firm of Raiser & Kenniff, PC, understands how the criminal justice system works – and can help you. We protect you from the accuser, and fight on your behalf. We work to get a complete dismissal of the false allegations against you. Our attorneys can help you with all of your legal needs – whether it be a simple misdemeanor, or a complex fraud/white collar case. Our goal is to get the case dismissed – but if needed, we can advise you on your options, and opt for a plea deal as well. As Former Prosecutors, we understand the psychology of the opposing counsel, and can help you understand what is the best course of action. Sometimes, a favorable disposition can be gained through a plea bargain. We can negotiate with the Prosecutor, in order to craft a plea deal that protects you in the best way possible. If no favorable plea deal is possible, we use every single tool at our disposal, and fight your case. We are well known, and sought after, trial attorneys. At Raiser & Kenniff PC – we are motivated, and treat your case if it were our own.

At Raiser & Kenniff, PC, we like to think of ourselves as your advocate – and friend. We are standing with you, and defending you, at a crucial moment in your life. We want to protect your future, your livelihood, and that of your families.

Why Do I Need The Best White Plains Criminal Law Firm?

Our firm can protect you, or your loved ones, and defend you. The cost of not hiring the best attorney is huge. If you get convicted of even a simple misdemeanor – it could ruin your life. When the stakes are this high YOU NEED an attorney whose top notch. You may be subject to probation, fines, or imprisonment. In addition, this conviction could become a permanent part of your record – which will follow you, wherever you go. We understand this can be scary and confusing – so that’s why you need to speak to our White Plains criminal defense lawyers immediately.

White Plains Criminal Lawyers and Attorneys

Being charged with a crime is terrifying, and many may not be sure what they should do once they are arrested. However, a good lawyer can walk people through the entire process and help them get the best possible outcome. Those who have just been arrested are scared, and not sure what is going to happen in their lives next. Choosing these lawyers allows those who have been charged with a crime to be defended by former prosecutors.

These are professionals who offer the best possible legal service, and have years of experience in defending those who have been charged with theft. Those who need to speak with a lawyer can call to get a free consultation, and they will have the chance to discuss the case with a legal professional right away. When it comes to a theft charge, a lawyer will often what exactly the intent was of the item that has been taken.

Also, in many cases, they will argue exactly what was the value of the item that has been taken. In many cases, this can help to seriously reduce the charges. These professionals will look through the evidence and ind the best possible defense for each person who has been accused of a crime. These lawyers are skilled at looking at each individual case and finding the best way to fight back.

Those who want to get justice for themselves and ensure that their lives go back to normal after they are accused of or charged with theft need to call a good attorney. Those who have been arrested should simply ask for an attorney, and call the professionals who can best handle the case. These are highly skilled attorneys who will fight for everybody who asks for their help.

Regardless of whether the theft charge is a misdemeanor or a felony, these professionals will construct the best possible defense. Getting convicted of a theft crime is something that will stick with people for the rest of their lives. A criminal record can hold people back from getting the jobs that they want, and can even wind up causing them to have to spend time in jail. Also, those who are convicted may have to pay some expensive fines. Avoid as much of this as possible by speaking with a good lawyer.

It can be frightening to get arrested, but don’t make a mistake and settle for an inexperienced lawyer. Speak with the best lawyers, who have a proven track record and clearly are able to create a good defense case. These attorneys will allow people to get the guidance and help that they need at this time. Everybody needs somebody in their corner when they are accused of something so serious. This lawyer will walk people through what is going to happen throughout the entire process. They will explain how those who have been charged will see a judge within two days of being arrested, and will give options on how to move forward. Get the best legal advice, don’t leave the future in anything but the best hands.

White Plains Criminal Defense Attorneys For All Crimes

The laws associated with the use and possession of marijuana have changed in some states across the country. However, in New York City, although there have been some changes in the way the law is enforced, the possession and use of marijuana still remains a criminal offense. Our lawyers at Raiser & Kenniff have successfully defended many clients against the charge of possession of marijuana. We are eager to use our skills and expertise to help you.

Possession of Marijuana / CBD oil is a Serious Crime

In the state of New York, it is illegal to possess, use, or sell marijuana under most circumstances. There is some confusion among the general population as to whether or not marijuana possession is still a crime in New York. This confusion results from a change in the policy regarding the enforcement of marijuana laws in New York that took place starting November 11, 2014.

Something that should be remembered is that the law on marijuana use did not change. Instead, there is a change to the way that the New York Police Department has decided to deal with individuals who are found possessing marijuana.

It must be clear that the New York Police Department is not turning a blind eye to marijuana possession, nor are they ignoring the laws regarding marijuana possession. It is simply that they are taking a new approach to their procedures when it comes to accusing someone of marijuana possession. These discretionary actions are within their purview as police officers. An individual who is accused of marijuana possession, and especially accused attempting to sell marijuana, can face serious fines, penalties, and jail time.

How Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

Something that an individual who is being accused of marijuana possession must realize is that in New York there is a difference between most illicit drugs and marijuana. Marijuana is not considered a controlled substance in New York. This means that the very strict and inflexible laws that apply to other controlled substances in New York do not necessarily apply to the possession of marijuana.

Our criminal defense team clearly understands the difference between marijuana possession and that of other controlled substances. We are able to use the law to defend our clients and help them get the lowest charge possible if not get their case thrown out entirely.

To be clear, New York police officers care about marijuana charges. Marijuana related offenses are serious. Anyone who is charged with marijuana related offense should speak to criminal defense attorneys to protect their legal rights.

Understanding Marijuana Offenses

It is important to remember that there is a marked distinction between possessing marijuana and possessing marijuana with the intent to sell. As a general rule of thumb, simply possessing marijuana is going to be less serious than attempting to sell marijuana. Of course, there are other factors. For example, an individual who possesses 1,000 pounds of marijuana is going to be facing more serious charges that an individual who is looking to sell one bag of marijuana. This just makes sense.

In New York, possessing more than 25 grams of marijuana is considered a be misdemeanor and is punishable with 90 days in jail. Possessing more than 2 ounces is a misdemeanor and can result in one year in jail. Possessing more than 8 ounces is an E felony, 16 ounces a D felony, and 10 pounds a C felony, which can result in jail time of 1 year or more.

Our criminal defense attorneys have years defending New York residents against marijuana possession charges. We understand the law, we understand the system, and we are willing to fight vigorously to protect our clients. If you or loved one is facing a marijuana possession charge, contact us immediately and let us use our years of experience to help you.

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